WaterTech Pool Pouch for Pool Toys and Floats

WaterTech Pool Pouch for Pool Toys and Floats

Water Tech Corp


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Does your pool look a mess with all the floats and toys everywhere? Use the WaterTech Pool Pouch to keep all of your toys and floats organized and out of the way. This expandable mesh bag keeps toys from getting mold and mildew by creating a drain to prevent access water in the bag. The Pool Pouch comes with two hangers to be able to hang on any pool wall or fence railing. The kids won't leave their toys laying around the pool when you have a Pool Pouch!

  • Mesh bag for easy drainage
  • Prevents mold and mildew on rafts and toys
  • Expandable to fit an over abundance of toys and rafts
  • Can be hooked to fence, railing, or pool wall
  • Folds up compact for easy storage in off season