Handi-Spa Pad- Equipment Pad- 32" x 48"- Available for in-store purchase only.

Handi-Spa Pad- Equipment Pad- 32" x 48"- Available for in-store purchase only.


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The Handi-Spa Pad - One pad measures 32" x 48" 

Available for in-store purchase only. 

The Handi-Spa Pad is constructed of durable, weatherproof, high-density polyethylene, offered in a gray color. It is designed for placement of a spa and eliminates the need for the consumer to have a concrete pad poured.

The Handi-Spa Pad is very versatile, and can be used in many outdoor applications such as underneath pool filter equipment (although not under gas heaters), underneath plastic sheds, under trash cans, and inside the garage.

  • Each pad measures 32"x 48"x 2" thick and weighs 15 lbs.
  • The underside of the Handi-Spa Pad is formed with built-in strength pockets. It has been tested to withstand 300 pounds of pressure per square foot.
  • The pads connect together with the included ‰ÛÏdog bone connectors and six pads will cover an 8ft x 8ft area.
  • Additional pads can be added to increase the coverage area if desired.

The Handi-Spa Pads are designed to support the weight of any spa or hot tub placed upon them.

Directions for installation:

  1. The Handi-Spa Pad should be installed on a level, well-drained area and placed upon a layer of 1 inch to 2 inches of sand or very fine gravel.
  2. Level and tamp down the sand, place the pads down and then carefully position the spa onto the pads.
  3. Refer to the instruction sheet included with the pads for further information.

The Handi-Spa Pad can also be used on concrete or on wood decks to keep the spa from coming into contact with the surface.


The Handi-Spa Pad can be cleaned very easily. Just wash away most dirt with a garden hose. It is also easier on the feet than concrete.

The Handi-Spa Pad is warranted for one year against defects in material and workmanship by Confer Plastics, a company known for its innovations for over 30 years.

Available for curbside pick up only.