Flippin' FROG XL Replacement Chlorine Cartridge

Flippin' FROG XL Replacement Chlorine Cartridge

King Technology

SKU: 01-03-8550

TheåÊFlippin' FROG XL Replacement Chlorine CartridgeåÊreplaces the chlorine in the Flippin' FROG XL Mineral Sanitizer for clean and clear water.
Alternative Sanitizer Features
  • Pool mineral sanitizer replacement chlorine cartridge
  • For use with the Flippin' FROG XL
  • Easy installation
  • Flips over when replacement is needed
  • Last for 3-4 weeks
The Replacement Chlorine Cartridge for the Flippin' FROG XL teams up with the mineral component to clean and sanitize your water. The Flippin' FROG XL's innovative design flips over to alert pool owners to change the chlorine cartridge in their Flippin' FROG XL. Simply pull out the orange chlorine half, throw in a recycle bin and push your new cartridge in.

The Chlorine Cartridge is replaced, roughly, every 3-4 weeks and is dropped back in your pool for instant results. The combination of both mineral and chlorine allows for a much more comfortable water for swimmers, reducing eye and skin irritation and unpleasant chemical odors.

The Flippin' FROG XL Replacement Chlorine Cartridge teams up with powerful minerals to give your pool superior looking and feeling water.