FILTERBALLS MINI'S - 1/2 LB. -Available for in-store purchase only.

FILTERBALLS MINI'S - 1/2 LB. -Available for in-store purchase only.


SKU: 603658128036-BLUMINIS

Pool & Spa Water Filtration

  • Superior water clarification.
  • Rated to 10 microns at 95% removal during first pass. Better than sand!
  • Use your existing sand filter housing.
  • Lightweight
  • 100x lighter than sand filter media.
  • Just one pound of FilterBalls replaces 100 pounds of sand.
  • Eliminate hauling and disposal of hundreds of pounds of sand.
  • Saves Money
  • FilterBalls cost less than premium filter sands.
  • One 1-pound bag replaces two 50-pound bags of sand,
  • Save on shipping.
  • Save time and effort on service, less mess.
  • Gain increased pump flow which leads to less run time. Save electricity!
  • Improves Operations
  • Back-washable and long lasting.
  • Much lower system pressure required.
  • Longer pump life.
  • Better for the Environment
  • 100% recyclable and green!
  • Recycle your FilterBalls every three to five years.

Available for in-store purchase only.